Joya at 1 1/2 years old


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Joya Memorial

You're in the arms of the Angels;
May you find some comfort there
Joya was born on October 26, 1998. She was adopted by Lissa and Matthew on December 19, 1998. Her mother Jazz was a purebred Rottweiler, and her father a Red Doberman Pinscher. She was adopted from my friend, Noreen Harrell. We think that she has the intelligence of both breeds, the dominance of the Rotts, and the Dobie's incessant need to chew.

Before we adopted Joya, we tore through a pile of dog training books.  We finally decided to train her using positive reinforcement and redirection rather than punishment. For several months we tried, but she laughed in our faces!

Joya was a sweet baby, but despite having a pile of toys, she chewed through the carpet to the floor below, and chewed the finish right off the hardwood floors. She chewed the trim off of two armoires, and holes in the walls.

On May 7, 1999 at 7 months old Joya placed second of over 30 dogs in her puppy class.  She also won "Most Improved Puppy."

Miraculously at age two, that girl Joya had grown into a wonderful and loving member of our family.

Mom Jazz and Daughter Joya at 1 year old Joya and Momma Jazz.
NOTE: Joya's Nana Noreen sadly reported that Jazz went to Rainbow Bridge on March 20, 2002 at age 10. We remember he fondly whenever we look at our girl Joya.


Joya is a friend of Judy Glaes, owner of  Pet Pals. She adores Judy, and I think the feeling is mutual. Laurie Hardy (Fidos for Freedom)  also coached Joya on obedience. No more prong collar, it's Halti's all the way!

Read about their experiences working with our girl as she grows up in Joya's Journal. See the introductory infor here, or jump right to the monthly journals below.

See Joya's Christmas 2000 pictures as she waits for Santa to let her open her gifts!
Joya suffered a critical illness in January 2001 when she had just turned 2. Read about it in her Journal here.
On Saturday, March 24, 2001, Joya got a new little brother named Jupiter. Read all about him and MAGDRL.
See our girl with her little brother at the October 6, 2001 Blessing of the Animals.

Our kids got dressed up for the 4th Annual Howley-ween party on October 28, 2001. 

Celebrate Christmas 2001 with Joya and Jupiter.

Joya and Jupiter were at Howley-ween 2002!

The kids wish everyone a wonderful Christmas 2002!

See the kids at Howley-ween 2003 at Riversdale Mansion.

     Joya 2 years old


Joya adopted a new younger sister on January 9, 2004! Introducing Miss Merlot!

And she got a new senior sister Kuna in July 2004!

Joya wishes everyone Happy Holidays 2004!

At age 6, our Joya's health began to decline  After years on phenobarbital to control her seizures, her ligaments began tearing and her bones fractured. Despite exemplary holistic and veterinary care, a year later at age 7 she succumbed to liver cancer.

Sadly, our girl Joya went to Rainbow Bridge at age 7 on January 25, 2006.

Joya is dearly loved and missed by her human and canine family. Sleep gently, sweet princess.  You remain forever in our hearts.
Beautiful Joya - 2004