MAGDRL: Annual Meeting April 3, 2004




Page created on April 3, 2004

       MAGDRL's General Membership Meeting was held in Baltimore, MD on the first Saturday in April.

The meeting started on time. NJ Coordinator Mary Cini presided over the proceedings.  Our  secretary, NC Coordinator Becky Moser, read the minutes of last year's meeting.

Treasurer Jody Cohen read the financial  report. Attendees were all pleased to hear that at the end of 2003, MAGDRL was solvent.  Jody also delivered a comprehensive report on our insurance coverage.  Most attendees we pleased with the details this important aspect of volunteer protection.

From left to right at the table are Laurie Zook (NJ), Becky Moser (NC), Mary Cini (NJ), MAGDRL's Attorney, president Debra Rahl, treasurer Jody Cohen, Linda Sutphin (TW), and Christina Kallay (MD.) 



The meeting was well attended by volunteers from throughout our territory. It was nice to finally put a name to the face! Closest to the camera are Lori Gray (left), Western MD Meet & Greet co-Coordinator, and Brenda Rouse (right) and Aimee Ross, both Northern MD Meet & Greet Co-Coordinators.   

Meg Graine (rear standing) accepted the vacant MAGDRL Northern Virginia Coordinator position. We're all very pleased that Meg is back to handle this area.



Gail McKinney asked questions about insurance coverage for the children in a Dane foster home; our policy of not accepting Danes with a bite history; the validity of our articles of incorporation, and other concerns.

Although the meeting was  contentious at times, our MAGDRL Board of Directors is making sure that all legal and statutory requirements have been/will be met in order to protect the corporation, its officers and volunteers.


Attorney Dawn White attended in support of the 'old hands.' She raised issues of the validity of the Board of Directors, the election of officers, and the corporation. MAGDRL's attorney had all required paperwork or vouched that it had been filed.

The 'old hands' will adhere to our process and put their questions and concerns in writing for review by the board of directors. .



After the meeting, Volunteers, Coordinators, and Board members enjoyed sharing a meal together -- a team united!

Election Results:
bullet President - Debra Rahl
bullet Vice President - Jules Guthrie
bullet Vice President - Lissa Scott
bullet Treasurer - Jody Cohen




Election results, cont.

  • Fundraising  - Roxanne Dolce
  • Legislative - Laura Brennan
  • Policies & Procedures - Sheila Marshall
  • Publicity - Laurie Zoock
  • Secretary - Becky Moser
  • Statistics - Christina Kallay
  • Volunteers - Kathie Shea