Holistic Healing: Senior Dane healthcare  May 02, 2008





Jupiter is 8 YO and Merlot is almost 7 YO. They are senior Great Danes. One truism of this breed is if they are lucky enough to survive GDV, avoid Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and miss Osteosarcoma, they will eventually suffer from spondylosis (spinal osteoarthritis.) Traditional medicine was no longer helping Jupiter and Merlot, so it was time for a visit to Veterinary Holistic Care (VHC) in Bethesda, MD.


Jupiter has been on osteo-supplements including MSM, Dasuquin and SynFlex since age 4 YO. After surviving colon torsion in 2007, he began a rapid decline 8 months ago. We went to our regular vet in April for an exam, bloodwork, Lymes and thyroid tests. He is in good health, but suffers stiffness and pain due to spondylosis.

Years ago we had success with canine acupuncture with Joya. Today Jupiter and Merlot saw Dr. Pema Mallu at VHC and she recommended acupuncture for both. At left, Dr. Mallu inserts one of many tiny needles into Jupiter's neck to relieve his pain.


When Dr. Mallu finished, Jupiter had a dozen acupuncture needles down his neck and spine. He stood during the entire treatment and hardly seemed to feel the needles. Once she was done, Dr. Mallu let him "cook" for 15 minutes. After they were removed, he laid down and immediately started passing gas -- a sign that his system was relaxing.

It was interesting chatting with Dr. Mallu about holistic and non-traditional veterinary medicine, rawfeeding, supplements, and gold bead implants (GBI.)  


Although Merlot is a year younger and 40 lbs lighter than Jupiter, she has suffered musculo-skeletal problems, GDV, had TPLO surgery, and suffers from incontinence. She has taken PPA, then DES, and osteo-support drugs since she was 2-1/2 YO.

At left, Dr. Mallu inserts an acupuncture needle into Merlot's abdomen to treat her urinary incontinence. You can see other needles down Merlot's spine.


I asked Dr. Mallu if acupuncture works well for Merlot and Jupiter, whether GBI would be an option. Dr. Mallu said both Danes are too senior to undergo the required anesthesia.

Jupiter and Merlot were extremely relaxed after their acupuncture. Both peed, pooped and passed enough gas for a lifetime! We return weekly for the next 4 weeks, then bi-weekly for a few months, then we will have maintenance visits


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