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On Saturday, November 17, 2001, MAGDRL volunteers transported Chelsea, one of the "Dirty Dozen" Danes, from north Baltimore, Maryland to Marshall, Virginia.  The trip was interesting, to say the least although Chelsea slept through it! MAGDRL Volunteer


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Pat and Jeanne (Woodie/Max's folks) took the first leg from north Baltimore to Columbia. They brought Chelsea to Saturday's MAGDRL Pet Photo Fundraiser at the Coventry School in Columbia, Maryland. MAGDRL President Debby Rahl came to greet the transporters. Chelsea just went through spaying and eye surgery.  Considering what she'd been through, she was a calm, sweet girl.


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Chelsea spotted other dogs preparing to have their Christmas photos taken, and she wanted to join the fun!  We escorted her to her chariot, and away we went to western Virginia.


Two hours & 115 miles later, Chelsea was safely penned at Judy Gilmore's house in Marshall, Virginia.  


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Judy's pens are really nice!  This is Daisy, a 4-year old female who is available for adoption. I missed getting Frank in this shot, but he's a handsome boy who's also available.  


The regal black "Dane Doorbell" in the front is Mason who, like the others, is waiting for his forever home.
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