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On Saturday, November 10, 2001, MAGDRL volunteers transported Charmin, one of the "Dirty Dozen" Danes from north Baltimore, Maryland to Tidewater, Virginia where he will be fostered. The trip went like a "Charm!" MAGDRL Volunteer


Tim and Charmin Tim coaxing Charmin out of the truck
Tim had the first leg of the journey.  He turned over a deaf Dane named Charmin to Lissa in Scaggsville, Maryland. Tim coaxed Charmin out of his truck. Unfortunately Charmin left Tim something to remember him by.  :-(
Success! Wendy meets Charmin
Tim made sure Charmin was 'drained' before turnover. It went smoothly, although Tim had to lift Charmin into my truck. Charmin slept all the way down, and 90 minutes later he was in  Fredericksburg. He instantly took to Wendy! 
"Charming" with Wendy and Tisha Charmin escaping to the front
Wendy and Tisha admired their new foster.  Wendy is re-naming him "Charming" because she thinks he is!


After Wendy and Tisha hoisted him into the rear compartment of their minivan, this escape artist quickly went to work.
Charmin almost there... Charmin is successful!
...and here he comes! Rear to front in less than 10 seconds! "Well," he asked, "there's seating for three in the front isn't there?"  Off they went on the final leg of the journey to Tidewater.
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