MAGDRL: Reston Pet Fiesta May 5, 2007



Web page created on May 5, 2007

The day started out breezy and cool, but then it started to rain.  Nevertheless, the weather didn't dampen the spirits of visitors and their dogs, rescues, and pet vendors!

The Annual Pet Fiesta is sponsored by, an animal welfare organization that offers classes and adoption information. This year's event was three blocks long and included 80 booths. I didn't have to go very far to spend all my cash on dog cookies and toys!

Although we had a spring shower, it didn't last long and the crowds reemerged before the end of the day.



The Nova team arrived at the crack of dawn, stayed all day, and packed up at the end. From left-to-right are volunteer Lauren Williamson, NoVa MAGDRL Coordinator Nikki Russell and volunteer Julia Stafford. Our NoVa team works very hard to come up with creative ways to support our orphans, and as a result they are the top fundraising team in MAGDRL. They did very well today despite competing with a few dozen other rescues.

Unfortunately this event was on the same day as our Maryland Bull Roast fundraiser. By the time this long day was over, both volunteers and dogs were ready for a nap! We hope our Maryland event is a smashing success!



At left. MAGDRL volunteer Julia Stafford had free hands today and enjoyed handling other member's Danes including Jenni Arnold's Dane MeeMee.  In the center is Lauren's friend Chance handling my Dane boy Jupiter. At right is Jenni Arnold with her sweet Dane WeeWu holding down the bed behind her while she handles my puppy girl Savannah.

Our Danes worked up to three Thankful Paws donation jackets today, and that really helped raise donations for our orphans!




Jupiter is a visitor magnet! His unusual coat and eye colors draw people in from the street. He's great for attracting donations and adopters! Jupiter loves having women, little people and little dogs around him as evidenced by the photo at left. Today he wore the Thankful Paws donation jacket off/on to help raise funds for our orphans.

The annual Pet Fiesta event included doggie contests, games, and musical entertainment. It's a must-attend for pet lovers, and it gets bigger and bigger each year. We can't wait until next year!