MAGDRL's Pet Photo Fundraiser
November 17, 2001 at Coventry School for Dogs and People in Columbia, Maryland

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Isn't this a handsome Merle Dane? He's  with his parents at a MAGDRL fundraiser organized by Lisa Lightner.


Humf!  Why is a mere Cocker Spaniel getting all my folks attention!
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Notice Aimee Ross with her Merlequin 'Merlin.'  Merlin looks like the official poster-boy for the Classic Great Dane lean!   Cheech, a handsome Harlequin, is with his dad Tom.  Cheech and Merlin are bunkmates.


Danes and their owners gather for glamour shots.  The photos were taken by Memory Photos.  Harlequins, Merlequins, Blacks, OH MY! No dearth of Danes here!


Costello gets a kiss from a small friend -- a Labrador Retriever... ...and Lisa Lightener's Bagheera fussed because everyone else was off having fun! 

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