MAGDRL: Silver Spring PetSmart November 23, 2002

           For the third time in 2002, MAGDRL volunteers held a successful outing at the Silver Spring PetSmart.  A new volunteer came out, we sold raffle tickets and collected donations, and even field-tested doggie beds!  
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MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


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Maryland Meet & Greet coordinator Eileen Edelblute welcomed visitors at our MAGDRL table and gave out information all day. On the left, Lissa's CGC Jupiter watched as visitors came and went.

Later in the day, Lisa Lightner brought her boy Bagheera to entertain the troops. He's such a character!  He serves as a great example of how wonderful adopting an adult Great Dane can be!

New volunteer Charles Cabral brought his Dane puppy 'Odie' to support our Meet & Greet. Odie is modeling his Dane-sized sweatshirt that was perfect on this chilly day. This sweet boy reminded everyone of Christina's boy Fenway (it's the ears!!!)

Kudos to Moira Butler who has been diligent in bringing Annabelle to our events, and it's really making a difference in this girl!  Annie is really blossoming and becoming much more at ease around strange people and dogs.


Cindy Prevost (l) introduces her boy Capone to a visiting Dalmatian puppy. On the right, Lori Gray holds Cindy's girl Shiner as she tests out a sheepskin bed.  Lori and Greg brought their signs again which helped attract visitors all day!

Lissa's Jupiter enjoyed the attention of this nice young lady. Her mom loved Danes but was concerned because she has 4 cats. She was encouraged to know that Jupiter lives with two of his own!