MAGDRL: Silver Spring PetSmart October 26, 2002

           MAGDRL volunteers returned for another successful outing at the Silver Spring PetSmart.  We sold raffle tickets, collected donations, and enjoyed Portia's Halloween pumpkin cupcakes!  
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MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


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Jim Lee (l) adopted his Merle girl 'Gem' from MAGDRL last year. He came to our M&G to meet orphan "Wiggly Wrigley" (r) who was fostered by Tim Scheele (r) and wife Michelle. Their daughter Nicole also helped hold Danes while volunteers set up our table.   


Moira Butler's puppy Annabelle (l) rubbed noses with Michelle Scheele's foster puppy Wrigley (r). Annie's becoming a familiar sight at these events and she's becoming less shy with each outing.


Both humans and Danes got into the Halloween spirit when Portia Baum (c) brought her Danes Andrew and Nikki dressed as devil and angel. Volunteer Brenda Rouse (r) lent her hands to help juggle cupcakes, two Danes, and gear.   

Lori Gray came out with her fiancÚ Greg and thankfully posted their signs outside to bring in more visitors to PetSmart. Here she allows Lissa's boy Jupiter to partake of her lap.


Wrigley and Jupiter enjoyed the smell of the fresh-baked Pumpkin cupcakes that Portia made. That day we had a full compliment of MAGDRL volunteers including (not shown) Sue Davis, daughter Ali & Dane Reno; Susie Maruci & a much-improved Dane Wonder; and Jen Shabala, husband &  Dane Zeus.    .

ors enjoyed playing with Wrigley while Brenda Rouse chatted with them about Great Danes. Wonder's end is shown to the right.

The next day, Jim Lee adopted Wrigley as a companion for his Dane Gem!  "Wiggly Wrigley" found his forever home!