MAGDRL: At Silver Spring PetSmart September 14, 2002

On a warm Saturday in September, we had our first Meet & Greet at the PetSmart in Silver Spring, MD.  The managers were wonderful to us, and we had a great turnout of members.  Our furbabies drew crowds to this successful event all day! 
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Here (l-r) Lori Gray holds Eileen Edelblute's "Princess" Penny, Cindy Prevost has her Danes Capone and Shiner, and Susie Maruci holds her boy Wonder.

Shiner is really getting used to these events and we hope to see her more often.

Lori is still Dane-less, still negotiating for fencing with her HOA. She still comes out to every local MAGDRL event!

M&G Coordinator Eileen Edelblute came out with Penny to visit for while even though Eileen had surgery the day before!

Matthew also brought Lissa's furkids Jupiter, JD, and 'Honorary Dane' Joya later that day.


Lisa Lightner's Bagheera (l-r) laid beside Cindy's Shiner while Lori got a free 'Dane fix' from Capone. Cindy does many of the dog evaluations and home visits in her area, and Lisa is our Fundraising Coordinator.
Bagheera prepares to deliver a big old Dane kiss to one of the PetSmart staff. This 'Gentle Giant' entertained the MAGDRL crew with his new 'coat rack' trick all afternoon.
A visitor brought a West Highland Terrier and Cairn Terrier puppy to our M&G. All the Danes loved watching the antics of these 'little folks.'
Shiner and Capone finally got down on this puppy's level to greet him. Both met this little tyke nose-to-nose, and all seemed to enjoy it!

Christina Kallay & Fenway couldn't make this event, so the Danes in attendance stepped up to take his place in our 'obligatory lap-sitting photo.' Here, Shiner sits on 'Dane Mom' Cindy's lap while Capone waits for a vacancy!

Susie said this was the first time newly adopted Wonder sat on her lap.  Here Susie is beaming with joy! She's finally this former orphan's 'Dane Mom.'