MAGDRL:  Silver Spring PetSmart  February 21, 2004
MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


This page was created on February 21, 2004

On a cool but pleasant February day, MAGDRL volunteers were at one of their favorite PetSmart stores!  As usual, it was a day filled with potential adopters, visitors, and volunteers. We also had a surprise visitor.... 

Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute enjoys the company of our surprise visitor Cindy Prevost.  Cindy is the MAGDRL Western Maryland Meet & Greet co-coordinator with Lori Gray. She stopped in to spend 'quality time' with her eastern teammates. She also brought her Dane girl Shiner (left) to visit with Lissa's boy Jupiter (center) and girl Merlot (right.) Thanks, Cindy!!! 

Carrying on the family tradition, Merlot (right)  proves that she's a true 'Meet & Greet Ambassador'!  Above, she gets hugs from a visiting young lady while her roommate Jupiter flanks the other side.  What a team they are together!