MAGDRL: Silver Spring PetSmart  January 24, 2004
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This page was created on January 24, 2004

We held our first Meet & Greet at the Silver Spring PetSmart this year. This store is one of our favorites and although it was a bitter cold day, we had a phenomenal turnout!  Volunteers Kelly & Ken Marchetti, Susie Marucci, Lisa Lightner, Linda Maynard, Rosie Smiga, Tressa Everts, Lissa Scott & Matthew Greene all came to help our MAGDRL orphans.

(L-R) Volunteers Ken and Kelly Marchetti brought their Dane puppy Finnegan who enjoyed meeting Maryland Volunteer Coordinator Rosie Smiga's Dane boy Dempsey.  Lissa's Danes Merlot and Jupiter came over to give Dempsey the traditional 'sniff greeting.'  MAGDRL supporter John Marvel stopped by to tell us that his Dane Zoey just had her 12th birthday,  Stephanie and Raymond Hayden & Skye came out with MAGDRL adoptee Zeke who was recovering from an illness, plus we had several adoption applicants who braved the cold to get free Dane hugs.

 (L-R) Volunteer Lisa Lighther's Dane boy Bagheera looks fantastic although he recently recovered from bloat and gastroplexy surgery.  What a prince he is!  Behind them,
MAGDRL volunteer and foster mom Susie Marucci holds Lissa's Dane boy Jupiter and Dane girl Merlot.  Susie is fostering a Dane girl named Zoey who has undergone successful treatment for heartworm and is now ready for adoption.


Rosie Smiga enjoys sitting among a 'gaggle of Danes.'  Left to right are Linda & Gary Maynard's Dane girl Madison; Lissa's newly adopted Dane girl Merlot; Lissa's Dane boy Jupiter; and Rosie's Dane boy Dempsey at the rear. What 'Great Dane Ambassadors' they all are!

The next time you wonder whether Danes get along with kids and other dogs, look at this photo.  These Danes met visiting kids and dogs of all sizes, and they were fine as long as the visitor was friendly.  In this photo, two of these four dogs had never met each other before, and the other two have just known each other for two weeks.  With socialization early and often, plus with proper introductions, Danes get along well with other dogs.