MAGDRL at Oxen Hill PetSmart
March 18, 2002        Click on an image below for a larger photo. MAGDRL Volunteer



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March 18, 2002

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Volunteers Christina Kallay and Eileen Edelblute speak with potential adopters at the MAGDRL display at the Oxen Hill PetSmart. Great Danes Jupiter (left) and puppy Fenway (center) greeted visitors.  Eileen's Dane Penny left before this photo was taken, but she developed an instant crush on Fenway! 
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Lissa Scott with MAGDRL Great Dane Ambassadors Jupiter and JD at PetSmart.  Many volunteers brought their Danes out that Saturday.  Future applicant Jamie Brown and his wife, and Ted Lieber who later applied to adopt, were among several visitors interested MAGDRL. We also got contributions for MAGDRL's Caesar surgery fund.