MAGDRL: At Kentlands PetSmart October 5, 2002

                 Volunteers came out in-force to the Kentlands (Gaithersburg) PetSmart. We had Dane Grandparents in attendance, CGC testing, plus a lap-sitting marathon!  
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MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


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This was MAGDRL's first outing at the  Kentlands PetSmart. Staff and visitors absolutely loved our Danes! Above, a stranger walked up and began scratching Capone. The man enjoyed it so much he sat on the floor in the middle of PetSmart to get free Dane hugs! 


Eileen Edelblute came out with her "Princess Penny" who entertained the crowds with her normal poise and aplomb!  Eileen is certified to give Canine Good Citizen tests and will start doing them as fundraisers for MAGDRL. She did her first test that day (see last photo below.)

As usual, the Danes enjoyed our young visitors. Here a little girl hugs Kelly and Cindy Prevost's Dane Shiner as Capone stands behind her. Cindy coordinated this well-attended event for MAGDRL.

Lissa's Jupiter loves little people! He patiently allowed these three young girls to pet him, yet he never even budged. The smallest girl was a little frightened of such a large dog, so he stayed 'down' to be less intimidating.


Our two 'Quin boys and a girl-Merle take a break between the crowds.  Merliquin Capone, Fawnequin Jupiter, and Merle Shiner stretched out for a break as Kelly and Cindy look on. 

Proud 'Dane Dad' Kelly sits with his girl Shiner in his lap.
What a beautiful pair  of Danes the Prevosts have! Shiner was pocket-sized when they first saw her, and she turned into a large & lovely "Daddy's girl!"


Shiner stole her Mom Cindy's lap whenever it was vacant. Later that day, volunteers Lori Gray and her fiancÚ Greg arrived and posted outdoor signs to attract more visitors.


Cindy's parents were visiting from Waterford, Michigan and stopped by our Meet & Greet. Of course, Shiner took advantage of Grand-DaneMom's free lap.

Kelly and Cindy's Mom look on as Shiner and Capone play with a
Catahoula Leopard Dog puppy who stopped by to visit. This pup looked like Capone's "Mini-Me!"
Jupiter took and passed the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test given by 'Auntie' Eileen during the M&G. Visitors gathered around and watched him pass with flying colors!  Above, his Mom Lissa beams with pride!