MAGDRL: Glen Burnie PetSmart November 09, 2002

           We had their first outing at the Glen Burnie PetSmart.  It was a slow day and we in the middle of the store, but we talked to several folks who were interested in learning more about Great Danes.  
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MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


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A Fawn Frenzy!!!  Christina Kallay (l) sits in her normal pose with her Dane Fenway on her lap. Behind her, Moira Butler introduces Blue Fawn Annabelle to a visitor as Eileen Edelblute's Penny (r) saunters by.


Here Christina (l) & Fenway chat with Lisa Lightner (r) as a young visitor communes with Bagheera. He's teaching Jupiter his famous 'coat rack' trick!

Lissa's Jupiter allowed several children to get 'up close and personal' with him so they could learn more about Great Dane temperament.

"Princess Penny" entertains these visitors while Dane-Mom Eileen Edelblute talks to their parents about MAGDRL's adoption process.


New volunteer and adopter Sue Davis (sorry for the back-of-the head shot) stands with her new girl Reno. She's a pretty girl with a "Great" personality!

Susie Maruci chatted with visitors while Wonder stretched out on his 'binky.'  Wonder is recovering from pneumonia, but now he looks really great!