MAGDRL: At the Catonsville PetSmart  August 24, 2002

                       We revisited the PetSmart in Catonsville, MD on a Saturday in late August.  As usual, Store Managers Frank and Bev were gracious hosts and we had a steady flow of visitors.
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MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


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Here MAGDRL President Debby Rahl (l) talks with Christina Kallay (c) who is holding her Dane "Fenway."  Behind them, Eileen Edelblute chats with someone interested in Great Dane colors while she looks at Lissa's "Jupiter"
(go figure!)

Debby dropped by in her new 'Dane-Mobile', a Minivan with some really neat features.  Here are Debby and Eileen (r) with her Dane "Penny" while Christina (c) discusses Dane rescue with a visitor.
Heather Tawney and her Dane "Cooper" came out to support our outing, and he enjoyed entertaining young visitors.  Heather was under the weather that day, but what a trooper! She adopted Cooper from MAGDRL and often helps at these events.
This is Christina (l) with Fenway in his usual pose.  Jupiter is in the center.  Susie Maruci's brought her newly adopted MAGDRL Dane "Wonder" (r) out for this event.  Wonder was so outgoing that he attracted many visitors to our table.
Susie volunteered with MAGDRL for 6 months before adopting Wonder from us.  They've been a 'family' for only 3 weeks, but they quickly bonded.  Here Susie is chats with Christina (r) who is holding both Lissa's boy Jupiter and her boy Fenway.
This is our obligatory shot of Fenway sitting on his Mom's lap.  At 15 months, this boy is still very much a baby (and we finally got Christina to smile for a photo!)  As usual, the Fenway Fan Club got a few new members that day!