MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart Valentines Day February 14, 2004
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This page was created on February 14, 2004

Volunteers spent a lovely, sunny Valentines Day at the Catonsville PetSmart.  From the time we walked in the door until we drove out of the parking lot, we were mobbed! And as always, PetSmart manager Bev was great to us!

Volunteer Andy Francis brought his handsome 2 year-old Dane boy Licorice and his two  sweet and dog-savvy kids.  Behind the table, Lissa's Merlot waits for her Mom to return and Eileen  discusses Dane adoption with the visitors at left.  The visitors at the right spent a long time with Eileen's Dane Penny, and both visitors talked with us for over an hour.

During a rare lull in the crowd, MAGDRL volunteers took a group photo.  Left to right are Eileen Edelblute and her Dane Penny; Andy Francis, his Dane Licorice and kids Kayla and Drew; and me with my Danes Jupiter and Merlot. 

We had a really great fundraising day.  We handed out loads of information and Dog Owner's Brunch fliers, and talked to several people who seemed serious about adoption.  We'll be back at this location on the second Saturday of each month.