MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart January 10, 2004
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This page was created in January 10, 2004

We started 2004 with a Meet & Greet at the Catonsville, MD PetSmart. This store was very good to us with the Santa Claws fundraisers, so we wanted to start the year with them.  We were pleased to have many volunteers come out to support us!

Volunteer (l-r) Ken Marchetti holds Lissa's boy Jupiter while MAGDRL President Debra Rahl with her boy Buster, and MAGDRL Orphan Intake and M&G Coordinator Eileen Edelblute chatted with visitors and potential adopters about Great Danes.
 Linda, Gary, and Anna Maynard came all the way up from Southern Maryland to bring Madigan to hang out with Dane pals. 

Kelly Marchetti is a training assistant for Tressa Everts, CPDT, CGC tester, and Red Cross Pet First Aid trainer .  Tressa offers free positive reinforcement obedience training for our MAGDRL foster dogs. She also holds open classes, plus individual dog assessments and counseling.  You can see the benefit of early training with Ken and Kelly's Dane puppy Finnegan.  What a sweet boy!