MAGDRL: At the Bowie PetSmart  September 7, 2002

                       The MAGDRL crew was at PetSmart in Bowie, MD with two other rescues. Although it wasn't a big fundraiser day, we got some really great news on adoptions!
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Here's volunteer Christina Kallay with (surprise!) her pretty girl "Isis."  Christina brought Isis out to help socialize her.  It was nice to see "Fenway's bunkmate" supporting this event!
Christina's parents came out to support our Meet & Greet.  Mom Rose is standing with Dane "Duncan" and her
dad with "Moiya." We last saw these nice folks at our MAGDRL yardsale fundraiser.
Maryland Meet & Greet coordinator Eileen Edelblute spent the day talking with visitors about Great Danes. As usual, "Princess Penny" really enjoyed all the attention!

In addition, long-time 'Dane-iacs' Liz and Jamie Brown also stopped by with the good news that they were buying a house! After waiting for many months, they are finally starting the MAGDRL adoption process. Congratulations to the Browns! 

The 'Fawn Brigade!'  Here are (l-r) Eileen with Penny, Christina with Fenway, new volunteer Kimberly Hardesty, Clay and daughter Courtney, and surprise guest Moira Butler.

Moira is a MAGDRL adoption applicant who lost touch with us last spring. She came out to tell us her great news!  Not only did she adopt a senior Greyhound, but a week ago she just adopted this lovely Blue Fawn girl named "Annabelle" the from the DC Animal Shelter!  Another orphan Dane finds a great home!

Here (l-r) Christina chats with Fundraising Coordinator Lisa Lightner & "Bagheera" (looking very comfortable) who came out to support us.  Behind her are volunteers Heather Tawney & "Cooper" chatting with volunteer Lori Gray' fiancÚ. On the right, Lori chats with Eileen.  Lori is waiting for a new fence, but if all goes well they'll have a new MAGDRL family member shortly!
....and as always, this is Fenway with his Mom in his favorite pose!

With two other rescues in this store, it wasn't a great day for fundraising.  It was a magnificent day in terms the volunteers who came out, the number of wonderful potential adopters we now have, and especially for a sweet rescued orphan girl!