MAGDRL at Bowie PetSmart

April 20, 2002
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MAGDRL Volunteer



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May 4, 2002

Christina's dad Marv with Moiya (the small Merle), and volunteer Heather O'Hara with Merliquin Cooper at the MAGDRL display at Bowie PetSmart.  Heather adopted Cooper from MAGDRL last year.

Volunteer Christina Kallay with baby Fenway in a classic "Dane lean." Behind is Christina's mom Rose and Duncan, the Mantle.  Earlier, Lisa Lightner brought her Dane Bagheera to this event organized by Eileen Edelblute.

This is Marv with Moiya again, and a friend with Cooper.  Future adopter Susie Marucci came by to help out and get her 'Dane fix' for the week.  Jamie Brown and his wife also stopped by (their 2nd event!) to hug our Danes. 
We got names of 7 potential adoptors as well as $40.00 for Ceasar and over $50 for MAGDRL.  It was a successful day!