MAGDRL: Arundel Mills PetSmart November 16, 2002

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MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


This page was created on November 18, 2002

MAGDRL volunteers returned for another successful outing at the new Arundel Mills PetSmart in Hanover, MD.  This event was organized by Eileen Edelblute, but Cindy Prevost pitched in to set up our table.

When we first arrived, the manager set us up directly in front of the entrance.  Our Dane numbers quickly increased to the point were we became quite a road block!  After a quick relocation, we were able to greet the public without being quite so imposing!

Aimee Ross (r) drove down from northern MD with Brenda Rouse to help at this event. Here she shows off her Scooby Doo socks while Lissa's Dane Jupiter gets a backrub from a friendly young visitor.
Lisa Lightner & Bagheera stood at the front door to greet visitors. Moira Butler (c) brought her Dane Annabelle and chatted with Cindy Prevost (r) & her Dane Shiner. Cindy's husband Kelly also came with their Dane Capone.

Meeting of the Dane Moms: (l-r) Aimee Ross hugging Moira Butler's Annabelle, Portia Baum (aka "Mom"), Lori Gray & Jupiter, and Christina Kallay & Fenway hold a "Dane Chat."

Lori and Greg posted their "Great Danes Inside" signs in the parking lot and attracted a crowd of visitors. Here Lori (l), Brenda Rouse (c), and Aimee Ross (r) show a youngster how to approach a Great Dane.



Susie Maruci brought her truly! miraculous "Wonder Dane." He's doing very well and has really taken to lap sitting. Here he gets a chin scratch from a potential foster applicant as Jupiter looks on.

We'll all be pleased when Lori and Greg get their Dane. They've hugged ours so much, they owe us a boatload of Dane hugs, kisses, and lap sits!  Here Lissa's Jupiter is so content on Lori's lap, he looks like he's falling asleep!