MAGDRL: Alexandria, VA PetSmart January 17, 2004
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This page was created on January 17, 2004

Maryland MAGDRL volunteers joined our Virginia teammates to host the first Alexandria PetSmart Meet & Greet of 2004.  This event was a HUGE success!
Maryland Meet & Greet/Orphan Intake Coordinator Eileen Edelblute holds Lissa's new girl Merlot and boy Jupiter.  This was Merlot's first MAGDRL Meet & Greet, and her proud Mom just had to take this photo!  Lissa gave the Alexandria PetSmart credit for Merlot's adoption and the manager was delighted!  Jupiter is in Tressa Evert's Advanced Canine Training Class and will test for his Therapy Dog International (TDI) certificate at Fidos for Freedom on February 1st.

Meg Grain (left) and her boy Merlin share a moment with Eileen (center) and Pat Wilhelm (right) with her boy Bowser.  Pat came all the way from eastern Maryland with her husband and Dane girl Jasmin. This event drew new and current volunteers, adoption applicants, and both potential and approved adopters.  That's Lisa Corbitt (who finally got her MAGDRL logo t-shirt!) with her girl Maya in the background. 

This is our obligatory Dane lap-sitting photo with Susan Hughes and her pretty Brindle girl Athena. Her husband is holding her handsome Black boy Brutus (left.)  In the past year, Susan has stepped up to volunteer for many activities in VA.