MAGDRL protests "Just Puppies"

On Saturday, December 15, 2001, MAGDRL volunteers protested in front of the "Just Puppies" store in Towson, Maryland. We were joined by volunteers from the Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue, and other rescue and humane groups.

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The Just Puppies store on York Road is strategically located next to a Vet -- with which they have no affiliation.  The store owner boasted that she owned 100 Rottweilers including 6 litters which will soon be ready for sale.  Volunteers from several groups protested the sale of puppy mill dogs through "Just Puppies."  Click here to download "Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog."
MAGDRL President Debby Rahl carrying a protest poster. Many people seemed unaware that Pet Shops like "Just Puppies." are outlets for puppy mills. MAGRL Newsletter Editor Jody Cohen got frequent honks from drivers. It was a bitter cold and windy day, but it was worth bearing if even one customer got the message!
See the Letter to the Editor about Pet Shop adoption that was published two weeks after our protest.

MAGDRL Volunteer

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