MAGDRL: HSUS PetFest January 19, 2003

MAGDRL was there!  The Humane Society of the U.S. sponsored  a PetFest at the MCI Center in downtown Washington, DC.  President Debby Rahl, Christina Kallay, and Lissa Scott spent a very long day greeting crowds of visitors.

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Above are Christina Kallay with Fenway and Debby Rahl with Caesar in his all-day pose. This was one of the few quiet moments we had. Hundreds of visitors stopped by our booth and were educated about Great Danes. 



Both Fenway (above) and Caesar were the center of attention and surrounded by crowds all day. It was 12-hour day for these furbabies, but both Danes maintained good humor and high tolerance throughout this event. We all slept well that night!