MAGDRL: 5th Annual Yard Sale July 1, 2007



Web page created on July 1, 2007

  Saturday was overcast, but Sunday was a spectacular 2nd day for our annual yard sale in Arnold, MD.  Each year Rose and Marv Buckner and daughter Christina Kallay collect donated items and host this fundraiser to help our MAGDRL orphans.


The last time I attended this yard sale was in 2003. Back then, sale items filled the garage and the parking area. This year's sale had tripled in size, with items lining both sides of the driveway all the way out to the street!

The shoppers at left enjoyed hunting for second-hand treasures. This year's event was scheduled the weekend before 4th of July, so foot traffic was slow but steady, with several repeat visitors.



That's Rose Buckner (left) answering a shopper's questions. Although donated items are collected throughout the year, it was hard to believe that this family hauled most of this mountain of goods out of one basement!

Thanks to all who donated sale items! The next time you consider tossing out a nearly-new item, donate it to a local MAGDRL yard sale. One person's trash is another's treasure, a treasure that can help our orphans!

Sunday's event volunteers were (l-r front row) Marv Buckner, Buckner family friend Gaye Williams, Emily Gilbert, Rose Buckner, and Susie Marucci. Back row (l-r) are Christina Kallay and Rob Murk (and me behind the camera.)

Our annual yard sales are always successful thanks to the contributions of many. We were also delighted that many shoppers rounded up their totals to add a donation to MAGDRL.