MAGDRL: Annual Yard Sale     May 29, 2004



This page was created on May 29, 2004

    After days of record heat, spring weather finally returned to the metro area. We had an absolutely beautiful day to hold our MAGDRL third annual Yard Sale fundraiser in Riverdale Park, MD.  We had items donated by friends, relatives, and volunteers.

At 8:00 a.m. as we were unpacking boxes of items, shoppers began arriving by car, on foot, and in baby carriages.  Thankfully, there is a lot of foot-traffic in Riverdale Park, so we had a very busy day! 


Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute came early and brought donations. She unpacked, sold items, and packed up leftovers after the sale. Visiting kids were thrilled by all the Scooby Doo items and the spin pops animated lollipops.

We did a brisk business all day. We were able to help our local feline rescue by selling low cost dog beds and a large dog crate which she will use for transports and temporary housing for feral cats.

    After marathon sales, we took a break and posed for this photo. Left to right are Eileen Edelblute, Lissa Scott, Lisa Lightner, and Kristen Thompson (KT.)

KT used this event as an opportunity to do a MAGDRL transport.  Amy Skully dropped Chelsea off so that KT could take her out to Judy Gilmore's home in Marshall, Va.  KT is a new volunteer from Springfield, VA. She's helped MAGDRL every weekend since she became a member. What a trooper!