MAGDRL: Transporting Bonnie & Clyde August 09, 2002

I visited Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Rockville, MD on a Friday afternoon in August.  Earlier that week, a MAGDRL member alerted us to a pair of Great Danes there who needed our help.  Dubbed "Bonnie & Clyde" by the Aardmore staff, I 'sprang them from the pen!'

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This page was created on August 9, 2002 

This pair was running loose when MoCo Animal Control picked them up.  They are so closely bonded that they constantly touched each other through their cages at the Animal Shelter.  Both are real sweethearts!


Elise Roper (above), a MAGDRL & MoCo volunteer, alerted us that these furkids might either be adopted separately or PTS in the next few days. They were a beautiful pair, but had obviously lived outside and were in somewhat rough shape.  They looked like brother & sister, and the female had been bred.


After completing the adoption paperwork, I drove them from north Rockville to north Baltimore.  Through most of the trip, Bonnie rode with her head on my shoulder and nuzzled my neck. 

Kudos to the Aardmore Veternarium staff who made room for them and kept the clinic open late to receive these sweethearts.  They named them "Bonnie & Clyde." With a little medical attention and lots of TLC, this pair will be a wonderful addition to a loving home.

Update!  On August 16, 2002, Bonnie & Clyde found their forever home with someone who had waited for months for just the right pair. Their new owner renamed them "Abe" and "Mary Todd", much more poignant names considering their bond with each other. 

Don't you just love happy endings?