MAGDRL:  Transporting Avalon  February 09, 2004

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This page was created on February 9, 2004 

MAGDRL Transport Coordinator Shari Reich is great at begging! It took a monumental effort and several days to set up a transport for a Great Dane girl named Avalon who needed to get from North Carolina to a foster home in Pennsylvania.  As luck would have it, one volunteer was headed from NC to Maryland for a class -- which cut the trip in half!  Avalon made it to her new foster home in less than 24 hours!

MAGDRL Trainer & MD Foster Coordinator Tressa Everts and her assistant Kelly Marchetti did the first leg with Avalon. They drove from NC to MD -- in a Volkswagon Beatle!!!!  By the time they made it to Maryland, they were all close and personal friends!  Avalon gave kisses throughout the trip and never tired of being hugged by anyone and everyone!  Here this sweet girls lays another kiss on Tressa before starting the next leg of her transport. 

I drove Avalon from the outskirts of Washington, DC, up Rte 95N to the Maryland House rest stop just south of the Pennsylvania state line.  In the photo above, she's being picked up by Bill and Bonnie Reilly for the last leg of her trip.   

What a testament this transport is to the the organizational skills and dedication of our MAGDRL Team.   By the time this transport was completed, Avalon had traveled several hundred miles to reach her new foster home.   Throughout the trip, she was sweet and quiet, and she'll make a wonderful furbaby for some lucky adopter!!!