MAGDRL: SuperPet Expo 2004   February 7, 2004
MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


This page was created on February 7, 2004

MAGDRL was invited to participate at the SuperPet Expo for the third year in a row. This year, organizers placed our table in a low-traffic area and gave us more space for our Danes. Nevertheless, we were still flooded with visitors all day long! 

(Left) Terry Lanphear came out to help MAGDRL Treasurer Jody Cohen (center) who holds Lissa's girl Merlot and her girl Aspen.  Western Maryland Meet & Greet co-coordinator Cindy Prevost (right rear) holds her boy Capone while Jupiter looks on.  Besides selling MAGDRL merchandise, our Danes walked around this event wearing a "donation jacket" and collected a sizeable amount for our orphans!

Northern Maryland Meet & Greet co-coordinator Brenda Rouse sold items and greeted visitors who were interested in Great Danes.  As usual, our furkids were so well behaved that our visitors wanted to take them home with them.  Here Brenda sits at our merchandise table with (l-r) Jupiter, Nala, and Merlot.   Brenda also did Merlot's orphan intake evaluation at a local shelter before she was accepted into MAGDRL. Thank you, Brenda!!!!


Jupiter stole everyone's heart with his soulful eyes!  Here he lets Brenda hug him and her Dane girl Nala.  He got so much attention, we threatened to charge visitors $1 for each hug! 

On the second day of this event, Brenda returned with Nala, Portia Baum brought her Dane girl Nikki, and volunteers Moira Butler and Danelle Hubbard sold merchandise and answered questions about Great Dane adoption.