Subi & Vinky's Birthday Party  
August 12 2007


MAGDRL member Lakshme Someswaran celebrated both her new Boxer puppy Subi and her son Thiruvenkadesh "Vinky" Someswaran's  birthday!


Lakshme & Viinky's friends gathered around to celebrate a double birthday for newly adopted Subi and her human brother Vinky. They had a human birthday cake plus a canine birthday cake. One of the human guests ate the doggie cake by mistake, but he said it was delicious!



Someswaran's guests included neighbors, work friends, dog trainers, rescue friends, friends who share Rusty's vet, and members of Rusty's obedience classes. There were Boxers, two Whippets, a Weimaraner, and two Great Danes. What a nice friendly group of dogs!



Even though she was the 2nd largest dog in attendance (Rusty at 170 lbs was the largest), 16 MO Savannah made new friends. Here she greets Karen Haines, program coordinator for PG County MD Pets on Wheels.

Karen just got a Weimaraner puppy and she was delighted to have an opportunity to socialize him around friendly dogs.



This little girl first met Savannah when she was 4 MO, and she was fine with her. Now that Savannah is 110 lbs, she is suddenly frightened of her. Lakshme took the time to sit down with her and Rusty to make her feel more comfortable around giant dogs. Rusty is such a sweet and gentle Dane Ambassador, it wasn't long before he won her over!



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