Rusty's Birthday Party  
March 11, 2007

  MAGDRL member Lakshme Someswaran celebrated her Great Dane boy Rusty's 3rd birthday!

Some of Rusty's friends gathered around for a group photo. From r-l, there's me with Savannah,  a friend with a Dobie, MAGDRL volunteer Christina Kallay in the center with Falkor, a friend with a Lab, and MAGDRL member Lakshme is on the left with Rusty in front.       


The pups got exited when Lakshme began cutting Rusty's birthday cake!


There was a delicious cake and a buffet lunch for human guests too.



Rusty's canine friends had a fabulous time exploring.


When the little bulldog arrived, the chase was on!



Although it was early March, we had a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day -- perfect for humans but too warm for the dogs who played for two hours straight! At left, Rusty and Falkor enjoyed a cool drink during a pause in play.

A good time was had by all! Puppy Savannah slept all the way home and she'll sleep well tonight!



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