MAGDRL:  PetSmart Waldorf   November 26, 2005



Web page created on November 26, 2005

  The bitter cold weather finally warmed up a bit and the clouds blew away. We had a slow but steady crowd of visitors for our monthly event at Waldorf PetSmart and took every opportunity to educate the public about Great Danes.

On the right is Angelique Hardy came out early and stayed late! At left hiding behind the table is Pat Wilhelme who is one of our dearest MAGDRL volunteers. Pat came with free hands and bearing freshly baked ginger cookies (the human kind!) Yum, Yum!

Southern Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard and her daughter Anna stopped by at midday. They're adopting another MAGDRL orphan today, so they needed to pick up food. Congratulations to the Maynard family on their adoption!

After a full day of meeting and greeting human and animal visitors, my Danes Merlot (Thankful Paws jacket) and Jupiter needed a well-deserved break!  As usual, we were set up beside the Rabbit Rescue, and Merlot enjoyed going nose-to-nose with bunnies. Their volunteers know us so well that they often tell people how sweet and gentle our Danes are!
Angelique presented Jupiter with an available lap, so he took it!  Her Dane Dante didn't mind at all!

Angelique adopted her Dane boy Dante last year and she's worked wonders with him. Angelique's parents also came out to say 'hello' and give us a break handling our Danes. What a great family!