MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf     October 28, 2006
We had a gaggle of Danes and a passel of visitors for our monthly Meet & Greet at Waldorf PetSmart!  Lucky for us, the rain stopped and the sun came out -- and so did the crowds!


    MAGDRL volunteers Pat and Fred Wilheme (left) brought out their saucy Dane girl Jasmine. They left their Dane boy Patriot and Dane-wanna-be Bowser home to guard the couch!

Volunteer Angelique Hardy (center) brought her handsome 2 YO Dane boy Dante. Angelique's parents Rick and Becky Hardy also stopped by to lend a hand and to enjoy our Danes.

Volunteer Elizabeth Allison (right) is with my boy Jupiter who was edging his way toward her lap!. 

    MAGDRL member and generous donor Maxine Yancy brought out her handsome Dane boy Sysco. As you can see, Jasmine is sneaking up on Sysco -- it's OK, they are neighbors and pals.

In the center is my 7 MO brindle Dane baby Savannah. She's being held by Elizabeth Allison's son who returned safely from the war in Iraq. We all thanked him for his service to America! At right are Jupiter and Beth who are becoming quite an item!

    Ahhhh Jasmine. The consummate Dane hussy! She usually comes to our events decked out in a silk or pearl collar, and bathed in Shalimar or L'Air du Temps to tease the boys..... but today she outdid herself.

For Halloween, Jasmine dressed as a French Maid and she truly played the part! Even her pumpkin necklace blinked off/on to attract attention. Her costume truly matched her Dane Diva personality! 

As always, Jasmine's Dane Mom Pat brought goodies for all. Today's treat was chocolate dipped pretzels with Halloween sprinkles on top. YUMMY!!!!

    At 19 MO, Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard's deaf boy Petey has become a real Dane Ambassador! Here he greets a toddler who is delighted to see such a big, huggable dog!

Linda communicates with Petey using American Sign Language (ASL.) It's amazing to see Petey following the same hand signal commands that many of us learned to give our hearing dogs in obedience training classes --  including a 'thumbs-up' for good job!

Petey has a new baby Collie sister named "Angel" We can't wait to meet her! From her photo, she's a cute, fuzzy-faced little girl!!!

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