MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf   October 22, 2005

It was a cool, rainy fall day in Waldorf, Maryland. Nevertheless, our volunteers came out in force -- including a new volunteer plus the return of our Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator!

At right, our Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard returned after being off since last spring. She was delighted to be back at her post! Here she holds my Dane girl Merlot who is fussing because she thought her mom was leaving her -- a typical Dane Princess.

Today was Linda's daughter Anna's birthday, so our event was held a little earlier than normal. Nevertheless the crowds were steady and the volunteers came out. Elizabeth Allison left her Dane girl Daphne home and came to offer her help. Our generous patron Maxine Yancey also brought out her huge handsome Dane boy Cisco who awed the crowds with his sweet temperament.

  This is Angelique Hardy and her adopted MAGDRL Dane boy Dante. They are a true success story!  Her parents recently lost "Heavy", one of the sweetest and best known Blue Great Danes in the US.  But when Angelique first adopted Dante, he was a wild, untrained Dane puppy -- nothing like Heavy! There were days when Angelique was ready to throw in the towel, however she stuck it out, took him to training and socialized him. Today, Dante is 18 months old and exemplifies the sweet, calm temperament this breed is known for - he's a Dane Ambassador!

Angelique also became a MAGDRL volunteer and this was her first official MAGDRL event. The Waldorf team welcomes her and hopes she will enjoy MAGDRL events for years to come!