MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf     September 23, 2006



Web page created on September 23, 2006

It was a 'Dane-ful" day at the Waldorf PetSmart. Before this event was over, between volunteers and visitors there were 10 Great Danes this PetSmart!

At left are Waldorf M&G Coordinator Linda Maynard and her deaf Dane boy Petey in the Thankful Paws donation jacket. "Sweet Pete" was a true Dane Ambassador, doing a yeoman's job of greeting visitors and raising funds for our orphans. Linda's husband Gary and her daughter Anna also stopped by to say hello.

Linda just moved to a new home that's 10 minutes away from this store and she is very excited to be getting a fence! Fencing really makes life with Danes much simpler by providing a safe environment for their relief and exercise. 

As always, steadfast MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison came out to offer Jupiter her lap. The treat of the day was when Merlot turned the tables on Jup and took full advantage of Liz's lap!


  Everyone loves our Thankful Paws donation jackets! By putting money directly into our former MAGDRL orphan's pockets, visitors feel a real connection to our cause. Over the course of a 4-hour event, our Ambassador's pockets get so full that we usually have to empty them several times. We always tell visitors that we are an all-volunteer organization, so 100% of their contribution goes to help Dane orphans. We encourage them to write a check so they can get credit for their charitable donation on next year's taxes.

At left, a tiny toddler inserts a bill into Merlot's pocket. She was absolutely fearless around these giant dogs!


We were delighted to have a visit from friend-of-MAGDRL Maxine Yancey and her Dane boy Sysco. Topping the scales at a slim 180 lbs, Sysco nevertheless has the typical Great Dane's sweet and gentle personality. At right, Sysco prepares to nuzzle our favorite little Munchkin, and she looks just delighted!

Over the course of the day, it seemed like Danes were coming out of the woodwork. We met a young male Fawn, a male Black, and a male Harlequin who all belonged to a local family. We had a repeat visitor who brought his young female Mantle Dane into PetSmart to try to sell her remaining 4 Merle and Harlequin puppies from an "accidental breeding." We also had a visit from former MAGDRL orphan Cinder and his new family.