MAGDRL : PetSmart Waldorf  August 27, 2005 

Web page created on August 27. 2005


  The weather finally cooled off, so it was a busy day at the Waldorf PetSmart.  We had a great team of volunteers, several folks interested in adoption, and some Dane antics!

At left, regular volunteers Pat and Fred Whilelme came out with their pretty Dane girl Jasmine, their sweet Dane wanna-be Bowser, and their Dane boy Patriot.  As usual, Jasmine charmed the boys with her pearls and Shalimar!.

Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute sits at the center of the table. Eileen came out early, set us up, and tore us down -- even though she doesn't have an event Dane. What a trooper!


    We were delighted to have a visit from volunteer Maxine Yancey and her handsome Dane pup Cisco. He just turned two years old and he's getting more handsome every day! 

Maxine is one of MAGDRL's most generous and consistent contributors. She is also in the process of adding a room to her home. She'd decided that when it's done there'll be room for another Dane!




  It's amusing that visitors who aren't familiar with the breed think that the "Dane sit" is a trick we use to attract an audience. Truth is, because of their size and the stress of constant noise and crowd, Danes tire easily.  They take a break whenever they can! 

At left is my Dane girl Merlot sitting on my lap; at right is my Dane boy Jupiter sitting on the chair next to volunteer Beth Allison. Although Beth's Dane girl Daphne stayed home today, Beth alternately enjoyed the company of Merlot and Jupiter. Thanks for bringing the extra pair of hands, Beth!