MAGDRL: Waldorf PetSmart  July 28, 2007



Web page created on July 28, 2007

Although we were in mid-summer vacation season, we had a pretty busy day at the Waldorf PetSmart. We also had a gaggle of Danes and their owners who gave up their Saturday to help MAGDRL orphans!

We had a Danes a-plenty at this event! From left to right are Fred & Pat Wilhelme and their pretty Dane girl Jasmine; Elizabeth Allison with my Danes Jupiter & Savannah; and Anna & Linda Maynard with their handsome Dane boy Petey. Later in the day, friend of MAGDRL Maxine Yancey (not pictured)stopped in to make a generous donation.


At left, 8 year old Anna Maynard takes 2 YO deaf Dane Petey and 16 MO Dane puppy Savannah through basic obedience drills using only hand signals. Well-trained canine companions are a joy to be around!


Savannah weighs 110 lbs and Petey weighs 113 lbs. Both have another year of growth left before they reach adulthood.

Dear friends Becky (center) and Angelique Hardy (right) came out with their handsome Dane boy Dante. This Dane just turned  2 YO last spring. With his family's patience and hard work, Dante has blossomed into a true Great Dane Ambassador!

Today Petey, Savannah, and Dante proudly wore Thankful Paws donation jackets to raise much needed funds for MAGDRL orphans.


Jupiter's favorite is our dear friend and MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison. He has a soft spot for "Aunty Liz", and it's mutual! You rarely see them apart at these events. And although Liz hates having her photo taken, over the years she has collected dozens of shots of her with this handsome boy.

Liz just returned from a conference in Florida where the organizers posted a photo of her playing Santa Claws at last year's PetSmart photo fundraiser. From the time the photo was displayed, Liz became the conference's MAGDRL Ambassador. She found that many people had dogs or Danes, or were interested in adopting. The conference quickly went to the dogs!