MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf     July 22, 2006



Web page created on July 22, 2006

  What a humid summer day with thunderstorms throughout the area!  Nevertheless, they held off until after our Waldorf Meet & Greet -- thank goodness!

MAGDRL member and generous donor Maxine Yancey (center) brought out her handsome Dane boy Sysco -- which finally answered the question, "How big do they get?" Sysco weighs in the neighborhood of 170 lbs, and he's not fat! What a handsome, sweet boy!!!

Our steadfast volunteer Elizabeth Allison (right) came out with free hands to help while her Dane girl Daphne held down the couch at home. Allison just lost her 18 year old cat, but she is always there, always helps, and always manages to cuddle with my Dane boy Jupiter (or Sysco if he's nearby!)


Did you know that Great Danes are narcoleptic? This is what happens when they can't sleep all day -- they pass out in the middle of a busy PetSmart store! People were walking by, carts were banging, dogs were coming and going. Nevertheless it didn't stop these sleepy-heads from passing out!

Here are my Dane boy Jupiter (age 6, left), my Dane girl Savannah (age 17 weeks, center), and my Dane girl Merlot (age 5, right) in the Thankful Paws donation jacket.

  Today we shared our space with cat rescue, bunny rescue, and the regular selection of birds, gerbils, ferrets, and other pets that PetSmart offers for sale. But by far the most interesting pet was this Iguana and its owner who stopped by to visit.

Our Danes didn't quite know what to make of this critter, but the Iguana was calm, cool and collected -- our big dogs didn't faze him at all!