MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf   June 24, 2006


We spent a hot, humid day in Waldorf, MD expecting severe thunderstorms and flooding. We were lucky that the rains held off until evening, so we had some nice crowds at PetSmart.


Pat and Fred Wilhelme came out bearing delicious, home-baked chocolate nut wafers. YUMMY!  Fred went home at "half-time" and brought back their pretty Dane girl Jasmine who wore Crabtree and Evelyn cologne today. She charmed all the boys, both human and canine! Today the Wilhelme's left their Dane boy Patriot and their sweet Bowser-boy at home to hold down the couch.

Unfortunately our Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard's daughter Anna was ill today. We wish Anna a speedy recovery and hope to see them both at Waldorf in July.

    I don't know who enjoys Elizabeth Allison's free hands more -- Jupiter or her!  They always seem to find each other and always manage to cuddle. Although she had to take her 18 year old cat to the vet before this event, Allison came out and stayed late. What a trooper!

You may notice the festive collars that each of our dogs were wearing at this event. Volunteer Angelique Hardy and her mom Becky made party collars for each canine member of our Waldorf M&G team. Each collar is customized to the color of the Dane, and let me tell you, they're gorgeous!

To help our MAGDRL orphans, Angelique and her mom offered to make these collars in Dane size XXL to sell as a fundraiser. How very nice of them to find a new way to help our orphans!



    Miss Merlot is such a girlie -- Pretty in Pink! Here she charms a 4 year old visitor whose eyes grew as big as saucers when she saw that our dogs towered over her. Once Merlot sat down, she walked over and was comfortable patting her.  
Angelique's dad Rick Hardy was smart -- he positioned himself and Dante in his Thankful Paws donation jacket right next to the entrance of PetSmart. Dante did a princely job of appealing to visitors to adopt a MAGDRL Dane or donate to help our orphans.

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