MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf June 23, 2007



Web page created on June 23, 2007

  It was a perfect summer day -- cool, sunny and breezy at the height of summer vacation season. Although we missed our Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard and MAGDRL volunteer Angelique Hardy, we had a nice group of volunteers.

Our dear friends and MAGDRL volunteers Fred (left) and Pat (right) Wilhelme brought out their lovely and talented girl Jasmine to meet the crowds. Pat also brought some yummy cookies -- she always takes care of us poor hungry volunteers!

Today Jasmine wore Lily of the Valley cologne, a lovely designer collar, and pearly lavender nail polish. She's always more stylish that any of us mortal volunteers!


MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison is the "Iron Woman" of this Meet & Greet. We've been holding events at this store for 3+ years, and I don't recall Liz ever missing even one event although she comes out without her Dane Daphne. We LUV you, Liz!

At right, Liz is handling my Dane puppy Savannah who is wearing a Thankful Paws jacket. Savannah went though basic obedience drills while Jupiter was in a "down/stay" on his bed behind the table. 


As a 15 MO "teenager", Savannah is still exploring her world. So far, she adores kittens and adult cats (right), although an unfriendly cat swatted her today. She visited a bunny from the House Rabbit Sanctuary, but she didn't understand why the bunny didn't want to play with her.

Savannah greets birds, reptiles, small dogs, large dogs, and humans with the same outgoing, friendly attitude. During this stage, it's still important to make all her encounters positive.