MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf    April 22, 2006







Web page created on April 22, 2006

  What a soggy day! What a busy day at PetSmart! What a host of other rescues! Visitors had to walk past Girl Scouts raising funds for a local shelter, Rabbit Rescue, Cat Rescue, and Beagle Rescue before they got to us.  Nevertheless, they came to our table to see the Big Dawgs!

MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison always brings those wonderful free hands! She's on the left here with my Dane girl Merlot.

In the center is MAGDRL volunteer Angelique Hardy who came without her Dane boy Dante this time. Angelique just stopped by to let us know she'd been in an auto accident but was OK. We wish her a  speedy and complete recovery!

At right is Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard and her deaf Dane boy Petey. Linda rushed in from a soggy soccer game, then rushed out to do a housecheck. What a trooper!

  Although Allison leaves her MAGDRL Dane Daphne at home, she's always holding a Dane at these events. Here she's talking with two young visitors while handling Merlot. What a great volunteer!

Both Merlot and Petey wear Thankful Paws donation jackets. They really help raise funds, as well as awareness of the dogs that we support from the proceeds of these events. Other dog rescues often ask us about them, and we gladly give them information so they can help their orphans too!


Maxine Yancey is a regular at our Waldorf events, and her Dane boy Sysco is always a hit!  He's such a giant-sized sweetheart who steals the hearts of women and is coveted by the men. Everyone wants to adopt Sysco!

Maxine often threatens to drop Sysco off at my house when she goes on vacation. He's such a sweet boy, I'm sure he'd get along with my three Danes.... but I'd never be able to let him leave!