MAGDRL: Waldorf PetSmart   March 26, 2005


This web page was created on March 26, 2005

     We had a phenomenal turnout on the day before Easter. The weather was overcast but there were non-stop crowds and we had a host of volunteers. Many folks were interested in adopting or volunteering with MAGDRL, and one visitor even went home and brought back their own Dane.

  We were situated next to the front door and our Danes attracted quite a crowd. Although we were beside a cat rescue, neither the Danes nor the cats seemed to mind. As usual, Miss Merlot wore the donation jacket plus we had an 'Adopt Me' donation jacket that Dane girls Maya and Maggie traded off.

The gentleman to the far right and the woman to the far left are the Hardy family, approved adopters who are looking for their MAGDRL orphan. They came by to say hello and to get their "Dane fix" until the right one comes along.


Pat and Fred Wilhelme (left) brought their sweet Dane girl Jasmine out to charm the crowds.

Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (right) brought her Dane boy Jack, and we were astounded that he was comfortable being petted by adults and children alike. Jack is one of the "Gettysburg 8" Danes who formerly lived in despicable conditions, and were confiscated by Animal Control and turned over to MAGDRL. With Eileen and her Mom's gentle hands, Jack has blossomed into a real Dane Ambassador!

Kimberly Hardesty and her daughter Courtney Rowe brought their sweet Dane puppy Maggie for a little socialization. Maggie is one year old and growing into a gorgeous, tall girl. She is well socialized and gets along with other dogs, but she happened to step on this Italian Greyhound's foot and the poor pup was mortified!

Virginia volunteer Lisa Corbitt also brought her pretty Dane girl Maya who wore the second donation jacket and did a great job of fundraising. Maya always wears a pink patent leather collar that's 'to die for!'