MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf     March 25, 2006
We had a busy day at the Waldorf PetSmart. The 50 degree weather brought out crowds of visitors, volunteers, and Danes! We spent the day giving out information and talking to visitors about the breed.
  What a great team we have! At left is volunteer Fred Wilhelme with Dane girl Jasmine. Seated behind Fred is my guest Kristal Taylor with volunteer Pat Wilhelme -- who came bearing freshly baked brownies! Pat is holding my Danes Merlot and Jupiter.  In the center is volunteer Angelique Hardy with her Dane boy Dante. What a trooper Angelique is -- she recently tripped over Dante and hurt her back, nevertheless she came out to support our Waldorf team!

At right is Waldorf M&G Coordinator Linda Maynard and her daughter Anna with their deaf Dane boy Petey. At far right is volunteer Elizabeth Allison who came to offer free hands which were kept busy all day long!


Maxine Yancey (left) brought out her handsome Dane boy Cisco (center) who stands beside Linda's 9 month old deaf Dane puppy Petey (right.) Visitors are always stunned to see how big Cisco is, but it's hard to capture in photos. It's a little clearer here as you look at Cisco and Petey side-by-side. Petey will likely grow another 4-5 inches at the withers as he reaches adulthood, but even then he'll be dwarfed by Cisco!

Despite his giant size, 3 year old Cisco is one of our sweetest Dane Ambassadors and his Dane mom is one of our longtime supporters and sponsors. She always directs Cisco's admirers to contact MAGDRL if they would like to own a Dane -- but no matter how they beg, they can't have her sweet boy Cisco!


Volunteer Elizabeth Allison is always a welcome participant in our events. Her MAGDRL Dane girl Daphne says home on the couch while her mom come out to our events to offer a spare set of hands. This allows those volunteers who bring Danes to hand over the reins so they can take photos, go to the bathroom, and make lunch runs. What a lifesaver!

Whenever you see Allison, there's usually someone else's Dane either sitting on her lap or sitting in a chair next to her which always amazes visitors. Here she is with Linda's deaf Dane boy Petey draped across her lap, and my Dane girl Merlot, both in Thankful Paws donation jackets. Allison usually sits out front and is a great spokesperson for MAGDRL -- all the while keeping a watchful eye on the interactions between visitors and dogs. What a gem she is!

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