MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf   March 24, 2007



Web page created on March 24, 2007

  Spring has sprung in Waldorf, MD! We had an overcast 50 degree day, but the crowds were out at PetSmart. What a great day for a MAGDRL Meet & Greet! 

Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard brought her deaf Dane boy Petey out to show visitors the wonders of this breed. Here Linda is answering questions from a couple who want to start the adoption process.

This week we had a much better position in the store. Cat rescue was at the front door, rabbit rescue was behind the cash registers, and we were the first rescue in the center aisle -- a great location!



Savannah (l) wore the Thankful Paws donation jacket today. She just turned 1 year old and is becoming calmer and more well-behaved. Today she was much easier to handle using her head halter.

MAGDRL volunteers Liz and Richard Allison's son Rick enjoyed handling Savannah all day. Liz (r) handled "her Dane boyfriend" Jupiter, and both were delighted!




  We were absolutely delighted to see our dear friend Pat Wilhelme who has been under the weather all winter. Here she's with her son Frederick and their sweet Dane girl Jasmine. We continue to send Fred and Pat healing thoughts and prayers.   After meeting dozens of visitors, Petey needed a break! Here he strikes the famous "Great Dane lap-sitting pose." Although he's only 2 years old, Petey always amazes people with his mastery of American Sign Language and his nice manners!   Rick Allison enjoyed handling Savannah today -- especially since several nice young ladies stopped by to chat. He's about to leave for a two year military tour, so he enjoyed getting out and spending time in the company of the big dogs. What a nice young man!