MAGDRL:  Waldorf PetSmart  February 28, 2004
MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


This page was created on February 28, 2004

It was a glorious day for a Meet & Greet!  Southern Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard held her second event at the Waldorf PetSmart on a February day with temperatures soaring into the 60's.  We had crowds of dogs and people from the time we drove up until the time we drove away.  Current and new volunteers, visitors, pending adopters, and members of other rescues and humane groups came out to give us phenomenal support!          

Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard equipped her Dane girl Madison with our MAGDRL donation jacket and spent the day talking to a host of visitors at our booth. Days before this event, Linda posted fliers and talked to local business owners about our event, and Western Maryland M&G Co-Coordinator Lori Gray's fantastic outdoor MAGDRL signs brought people in off the highway.  Crowds were forming even before we arrived!

Throughout the day we had visits from volunteers Pat and Fred Wilhelme, their boy Bowser and Dane girl Jasmine, plus several adoption applicants and potential fosters and volunteers. The MAGDRL donation jackets really helped to raise funds for our orphans.

Isn't this just too cute? After being together for less than two months, Jupiter allows his little sister Merlot to take a nap while laying on him. A full day of strange dogs and people really wears these pups out, so Merlot takes every opportunity to catch a quick cat nap.

Although Merlot has been 'home schooled' for the last 6 weeks, she starts formal obedience training with Tressa on March 2nd -- and her Mom can't wait!!!!!