MAGDRL: Waldorf PetSmart  January 31, 2004
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This page was created on January 31, 2004

New southern Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard held her first Meet & Greet at the PetSmart in Waldorf. This store is in a busy shopping center and Linda did a great job with pre-event publicity. She distributed fliers days in advance, and husband Gary used his artistic talents to make outdoor signs and a MAGDRL display board.  As a result, this event was heavily attended by visitors, adoption applicants, and potential volunteers!

(L-R) Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute stands with her Dane girl Penny and holds Lissa's Dane boy Jupiter (Penny LUVs Jupiter!)   Volunteer Pat Wilhelme holds Lissa's new Dane girl Merlot (who was fussing at her Mom, the photographer) and Pat's sweet boy Bowser.  We had a non-stop crowd of visitors, so many that several times we blocked the entrance to PetSmart!

Linda discusses Great Dane adoption with a couple who had just had their pre-adoption home visit and were looking the book of available MAGDRL orphans.  Linda's display board had both informative and fun features including many "Silly Dane Photos" which attracted a lot of attention.  Eileen (sitting) spend the day discussing Great Dane temperament and training with visitors.  Volunteer Moira Butler (not pictured) drove two hours from the Eastern Shore to attend this event.  It was great to see her!!!!


Linda holds her Dane girl Madison while Fred Wilhelme models his Dane girl Jasmin's smart red all-weather jacket!  On the right, Dane boy Jupiter was practicing his 'stand-stay' in preparation for his Therapy Dog International test the next day.

The whole team thanked the PetSmart store manager for letting us hold the event in this store.  He was so excited to have us there that he asked us to return on the last Saturday of each month!!  KUDOS to Linda for enabling MAGDRL to attract more adopters and volunteers in this area!