MAGDRL: Waldorf PetSmart  January 28, 2006




Web page created on January 28, 2006 

  We had a new Great Dane Ambassador at our first Waldorf Meet & Greet in 2006! Our Southern Maryland M&G Coordinator brought out her newly adopted deaf Dane for all to adore, and everyone obliged!

    We were delighted to meet 7 month old Dane boy Petey Maynard (right in the Thankful Paws donation jacket.) Linda has already started him in obedience classes and he already knows several ASL signs. Today Petey served as our newest Dane ambassador. What a sweetheart!!!

That's MAGDRL volunteer Angelique Hardy (left) with her sweet Dane puppy Dante. Volunteer Pat Wilhelme (left seated) came out Daneless to lend a hand and chat with MD M&G Coordinator Eileen Edelblute. Volunteer Elizabeth Alison is on the floor enjoying the company of my Dane girl Merlot (jacket) and my boy Jupiter.

    My Dane boy Jupiter got to meet an 8 week old Boxer puppy. The puppy was carried in the arms of a young boy for more than an hour because it had no collar or leash. It's a risky proposition bringing a young puppy to a place where all kinds of dogs congregate if they aren't old enough to have finished their first shot series.

This boy's parents were no where to be found. Unfortunately, it seems to be common practice for parents to drop kids off at PetSmart while they shop elsewhere.

    Pat Wilhelme (left) is an exemplary volunteer! Pat does pre-adoption house checks for MAGDRL in her area, comes to help at events with or without a Dane, and always brings us care packages! Pat's husband Fred usually joins her, but he stayed home with their furkids Jasmine, Bowser, and Patriot today.

That grin on Eileen's face is because Pat just gave her Christmas presents -- home baked goodies! Eileen's Dane Jack is also smiling because he thinks they're all for him!