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MAGDRL was at the PetSmart in Columbia, Maryland for two days on Saturday and Sunday, May 25 & 26, 2002. We spread the word about Danes available for adoption, and invited other dog lovers to support our annual Parade of Paws fundraiser on June 1st.  Photos from the first day are here, and the second day are here.
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May 25, 2002

Local Dane owners (left) stopped by to talk about their Danes with volunteers Christina Kallay (rear) with Fenway & Jupiter, and Cindy Prevost (right) with her Danes Capone & Shiner.

Volunteer Cindy Prevost talked with visitors about the Parade of Paws at Centenniel Lake in Columbia. Capone soaked up all the attention while Shiner edged closer and closer to the door!

Lisa Lightener's Bagheera had a professional massage at the Greyhound Rescue table. He enjoyed it so much that his knees buckled!  This masseuse will be at our June 1st Parade of Paws.

Volunteer Christina Kallay looked over the MAGDRL table with her baby Fenway and Lissa's boy Jupiter.  We just saw Fenway last weekend, yet we could easily see he'd had a growth spurt. He was both taller and longer!