MAGDRL:  Catonsville PetSmart  July 10, 2004




This page was created on July 10, 2004

Our MAGDRL team spent the day at a favorite spot:  the PetSmart at Catonsville, MD.  We were pleased to have a full crew and a steady crowd!!

Here our "furkids" take a moment to rest during a lull in the crowd.  Volunteer Kimberly Hardesty (center seated) brought Miss Maggie, her 16 week old Dane puppy. Behind Maggie is my Dane boy Jupiter and his little sister Merlot who wore the donation jacket for the day. We were pleased that Lisa Lightner (standing) brought her handsome Dane boy Bagheera to entertain Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (right.).

  Well, they finally got a shot of me (Geesh!)! Here I'm chatting with a woman who comes in every month to visit our Great Danes. In the rear, Lisa discusses the breed with visitors young and old.

Not pictured is Moira Butler, our Annapolis PetCo Meet & Greet Coordinator, who came to offer a free pair of hands and to sneak in this photo. Thanks a lot, Moira!