MAGDRL:  Catonsville PetSmart  April 10, 2004


This page was created on April 10, 2004

The day before Easter was a cool, sunny day.  We weren't as busy as normal, but we had a bumper crop of volunteers who came out to support us.  We also had a special visit from a newly adopted orphan who made her Meet & Greet debut!

We had some sweet little folks stop by to say 'howdy' to our Danes. Here a mom and her cowboy son meet Lissa's Dane boy Jupiter while Clay Edwards (center) tells him about Great Danes. Maryland M&G Coordinator Eileen Edleblute (right) enjoyed the scene.

Today we tried something new. We set up a laptop PC with a MAGDRL photo collage that really attracted attention!

We have our very own M&G lurker! There is a woman who comes out to every Catonsville Meet & Greet and brings her family, friends and neighbors. She loves our dogs but has ailing cats and can't adopt now.

Here "Ms. Lurker" (right rear) stands with MAGDRL volunteer Beth Hoker (center) and her Dane boy Goober. Today Ms. Lurker brought 6 kids who were awed by our Great Danes!



Volunteer Kim Hardesty had free hands and she was delighted to hold Lissa's girl Merlot for much of the day.

Here Kim (left) holds Merlot while MAGDRL president Debra Rahl (center) tries get her foster Dane boy Porthos to face the camera. Volunteer Heather Tawney (right) got a kick out of Porthos' preoccupation with Merlot!


Volunteers Mary Ann and Andy Francis and their family just adopted sweet Brindle girl Maddie from MAGDRL.  Maddie has only been with the Francis family a couple of weeks, but they're doing a good job of gradually socializing her. 

Here, Mary Ann stands with Maddie, her sweet daughter Kayla and son Drew.  To their right is Dane dad Andy (off with his head!) and their handsome Dane boy Licorice.